Resume Highlights 

1st Half of 2021

Working on a TV show for PAX TV

Currently studying Voiceover with Dave Fennoy

Preparing to film for a web series "Love Undone"

Broken the Web Series can still be found on my Youtube Channel

Starting off as a child actor, Je T'aime continued working in summer stocks through her mid 20s. She then wound up redirecting to corporate America after the passing of her mom. Now, coming back to her true love, and here to stay:
Je T'aime plays a brazen boss with a powerhouse voice, guaranteed to deliver the undiluted truth.
She's a cross between Queen Latifah in "Mad Money," and Rhetta in a "Girlfriends Guide to Divorce."
She plays the Judge, that doesn’t play…. The Sister that no one can live up to, or the vivacious bestie always dragging guys onto the dance floor.
Je T'aime's credits include:
Series regulars and guest star roles on several Webseries, leads and supporting lead roles in films and she was featured on the reality TV series, Lizard Lick Towing.

Within the past few years Je T'aime obtained her master’s degree in communications at Regent University, where she conceived a play for her thesis called
"Love Me or Leave Me."

For enjoyment Je T'aime loves to travel and create ceramics by hand. Je T'aime is a crazy mix of East Indian, German and Black and is a born raised vegetarian, never having meat a day in her life.

Names have Meaning:
Je T'aime means "I love you" in French,
Nissi is the Lord's banner of protection. 
Je T'aim's goal is to spread love
worldwide through,
as Jesus commands us to do.